Santa’s Grotto Decorations

We have all the decorations you need for Santa’s Grotto, whether you have your own one and are missing a few bits and pieces to make it perfect or you need the full package we are here to help!

For inside Santa’s Grotto Decorations we have…

Santa’s Gold painted Rocking Chair

Santa always needs a place to sit so he can listen to what everyone would like for Christmas and we have his comfiest chair for him. His favourite rocking chair! This helps him remember what all the children want and he is able to get to his list easy to see if you have been naughty or nice!

Santa’s Trunk

Santa needs a place to keep all his presents made by his little helpers for all the children who come to visit him in his Grotto. So what better place to keep them than in his very own magical trunk which he takes everywhere with him. (Presents can be provided by Santa if required)

Santa’s Sack

If Santa is coming to visit you he has to bring all your presents in his sacks so that he can make sure everyone can get all their presents. If he brings his little helpers they can bring their sacks to give everyone their presents as well!

Decorated Tree

It’s Christmas time, so you need to have a beautifully decorated tree! We can provide this for you with our own decorations or your own decorations. Santa loves having his tree up in his Grotto with all the presents hidden underneath.

For outside Santa’s Grotto Decorations we have…

Pickett Fence

A white Pickett fence goes wonderfully with Santa’s Grotto, especially if you  choose to use a snow machine and get a beautiful snowy look. This can also be used to keep any outside statues for you so they cannot pick the magic of Christmas and fly away.

Lamppost Sign

Everyone needs to know where Santa lives and what better way to do that then to sign post exactly where you can find him. And why not show everyone where the North Pole is as well just in case you decide to travel there too!


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