Santa For Hire, Hire Santa Claus For Your Event

We can provide you with the traditional Christmas Santa along with many different variations according to your requirements for your event for Santa hire. To hire Santa Claus has never been easier when you hire Santa Claus from TER Group.


House Visit Santa

To get your little ones really excited for Christmas why not have the real Santa Claus turn up on their door step with a Christmas Elf in tow. Santa will come fully dressed with a sack full of presents for all the children there to get them ready for the jolly times ahead. He can tell the Children of his amazing trip on from Lapland on Santa’s Sleigh.


Children Party Santa

Childrens Party Sanata

Hire Santa for your children’s party

Children parties are never the same without Santa and his little helpers! Make your children’s wishes come true by letting them meet Santa and his Elves before Christmas Day. This way they can tell him personally what they want for their Christmas present.

School Visit Santa

It’s that time of year again; you have a beautifully decorated tree with sparkle and magic sprinkled around the school walls and halls. All the children will be hastily writing their list to Santa. But what if they could hand deliver their list to Santa when he comes to visit? It would also be a great photo opportunity for the little ones as an extra present!


Corporate Father Christmas for Businesses

What better way to perk up your employees then by having a visit from Father Christmas? If you are doing an office secret Santa you can have the jolly man himself hand out the presents for your lucky employees! Or if you are having an office Christmas party you can bring Santa along to your party to spread the cheer for this festive period. We provide Santa for all the biggest corporate companies and events and Santa loves to be there to help celebrate.


Shop openings Father Christmas

Have you got a new shop opening around the festive period? Or have you refurbished your store for the busy time of year? You can have Santa and his Elves help bring the crowds in for the opening of your store and keep the little ones happy while they are out shopping.


Shopping centers

Beautiful decorations are hanging, festive Christmas trees are sparkling and the magic is filling the air! Children are excitedly looking round the shop for ideas for their list and imagine their surprise when they see Santa ready to hear what they want! Father Christmas loves being in shopping centers spreading the Christmas cheer, let him help you get everyone ready!

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