Promotional Christmas

What better way to promote your Christmas event or party then by hiring some of our models and/or promoters to hype it up for you! Their job is to make people aware of your festive activities and bring people in and make them interested in what you have to offer!

Promotional Christmas Staff

Our Christmas promotional staff are here to help to kick start your Christmas event entertainment. They can do all the promotional hard work so you don’t have to!


Christmas Girl

Christmas nightclub promotions staff

Have our promotional staff dressed in the finest Christmas outfits promoting the best Christmas event in the hottest nightclub in your town!


Christmas Elf/Bunny Girls

Think you need something to spark your guests excitement this Christmas? How about some Christmas elves or Christmas bunny girls to bring the magic of Christmas to your event!


Christmas topless waiters

Find this time of year a bit too cold for you? Bring the temperature up at your Christmas dinner with topless waiters serving you and your guests. Part dressed in your favorite Christmas character.


Christmas grid Girls

Have our Christmas grid girls at your races bringing the Christmas magic to your event! They can mingle with the guest and you can have your photos taken with them.


Christmas flyer and leaflet distribution

Have our Christmas entertainers handing out your flyers and leaflets for the best Christmas events in town! Or if you have the best Christmas gifts in your store then let everyone know about it with promotional staff bringing people in.


Christmas in store promotional staff

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for shopping and more staff is often required. So how about taking on some in store promotional staff to help you in the lead up to Christmas? This can also help busy shoppers know the best place in town to go.


Product sampling Christmas staff

Everyone likes to know that what they are paying for is good and worth the money. Having product sampling staff is one of the best ways to do this as they capture people on their trips to different shops. They can show them how your product or service works and why they should shop with you.


Friendly Christmas Reindeer Mascot


Mascot Christmas performers

Everyone loves a dressed up Christmas character they can have their photos with or get a big Christmas cuddle from. You can have a  Christmas mascot helping promote your store or event to attract even more people to join you.



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